Jan 19, 2021

Buzzi Next Expansive SN 18 – Powder Expansive agent

Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A. is the official distributor for Italy of the Buzzi NEXT Expansive SN-18 product, a cementitious additive based on sulfo-aluminate clinker. It is an expansive additive, specifically developed to compensate the shrinkage in classic Portland clinker systems, able to contrast curling and/or cracks.

Next expansive, available only in powder form, in contact with water generates expansive ettringite. When formulated in mortars and concretes, it causes an increase in volume which, when suitably contrasted, tends to compensate the subsequent hygrometric shrinkage.

By adding the correct amount of Buzzi NEXT Expansive SN 18, the following results can be obtained:

  • reduction or total compensation of the shirinkage
  • improved adhesion to substrate and reinforcements
  • reduction in the number and size of shrinkage cracks

With the presence of suitable reinforcement system it is also possible to obtain a chemical prestress.

Typical applications are:

  • Repair mortars
  • Self-levelling mortars
  • Technical mortars
  • Correction mortars
  • Expansive mortars and slurries
  • Concrete for continuous flooring
  • Repair Concrete


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