Business Model & Digital Transformation

Business Model

Core activities

By building strong relationships, EV seeks to simplify the business operations of its suppliers, supporting their growth through local market coverage, intelligence and technical expertise.


EV’s technical and formulation expertise and laboratory support are strengths that set us apart from our competitors.


By partnering with EV, our suppliers benefit from our market intelligence and accelerated growth through direct market access.

Supply Chain & Logistics

As a manufacturer and distributor, EV serves both ends of the chemical supply chain, leveraging our expansive distribution network to ensure the safe, efficient and on-time delivery of solutions.


A network of local warehouses operates to the highest security and quality standards, allowing us to provide comprehensive logistics coverage in international markets.


This network, combined with our flexible logistics capabilities and reliable third-party providers, enables us to provide a highly efficient service that can be tailored to meet a customer’s needs.

Digital Transformation

A strategic enabler

Our strategic ambition is to grow into an established international solutions provider for our stakeholders. Digital transformation is the foundational enabler for creating long-term value through innovation, data and expertise.

Gianrico Sirocchi

Group Chief Transformation Officer

Our digital transformation journey is aimed at implementing digital technologies and processes to improve our operations, enhance supplier and customer experiences, and drive EV’ business growth.

Agility Always be ready to adapt to an evolving market, focusing on efficient ways of working.
People Centricity We create value through our services, trying to ensure our customers, suppliers and employees are satisfied.
Partnership Establish long-term business relationships based on shared goals and effective collaboration.
Focused on Data In our business we develop a culture of data-driven decision making that is combined with our market knowledge.
Reliability Solid governance of digitalized processes, expertise and technologies are the pillars of our DNA.