Our stories

As EV continues to grow, new opportunities arise. Discover our #EIGVERS’ stories to learn about career experiences directly from our colleagues!

Beatrice Bovone

Products Certification Specialist

As a reliable player in the market, we focus on setting ever-higher standards for quality and safety. We are committed to selecting valuable, sustainable solutions from the best suppliers in the industry to meet the highest standards and customer needs.

Irene Bazzan

Corporate Regulatory Affairs & R&D Manager

A career in Regulatory Affairs means having a real impact on EV by advising executives and stakeholders on critical issues that affect business, finance and policies. I apply a multidisciplinary approach to issues by making the most of my scientific background and skills.

Alessandro Bologna

Credit Manager

When I joined, I had the chance to develop the entire credit framework and set up new internal KPIs. Since then, my professional growth has taken place through the exploration of different challenges thanks to which I have learned a lot.

Stefano Maresca

Business Intelligence Supervisor

Our philosophy is always to look for ways to improve things.
By partnering with us, our supplies can benefit from our market intelligence to tailor their solutions to the needs of customers.

Chantal Zuccon

Customer Service

We are constantly improving the performance of our services to exceed customer expectations with ever-increasing quality and effectiveness.
I really enjoy keeping our business moving forward and delivering on our promise to provide value-added solutions.