Eigenmann & Veronelli, besides being a leading company in the distribution of specialty chemicals,  has also a production activity mainly oriented to tolling manufacturing which is considered additional service for our principals.

The toll production activity, which is in continuous development, is focused on organic synthesis of derivatives of natural fats, various esters and on the preparation of silicone emulsions and  industrial auxiliaries, all supported by flexibility in production and packaging which allows Eigenmann & Veronelli to offer high quality, tailor-made and prompt service.

With production activity, we are active in the following markets: personal care, coating, plastic, textile and leather, rubber, industrial detergency and paper

Equipment and technologies:
-    Distillation technology: thin layer evaporator / high performance distillation column
-    Multi-capacity reactors and semi-continuous process (increasing capacity and production cost reduction)
-    High performance omogenizers and mixers for high quality emulsions, dispersions and blends

R&D activity has an important role in the consolidation and development of the production plants in San Martino di Trecate (NO) and Tradate (VA).
All raw materials and finished products are tested in compliance with the standards set out by ISO 9001.
Both the quality control laboratory and the R&D laboratory are equipped with modern instruments such as automatic titrators, microscopes, viscosimeters, visible and FTIR spectrophotometers, computerised HPLC and GC.

The ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001  certifications are prestigious acknowledgements that recognize Eigenmann & Veronelli dedication to a systematic and quantifiable approach to quality, safety and environmental standards (EMAS and Zero Emission Certificate).

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