8/2/2019 Polyplastol 51 dispersing agent

How to improve EVA processability in special shoes and cable peeling

How to improve EVA processability in special EVA shoes and getting better cable peeling ?

Polyplastol 51 is a processing aid and antitack agent based on a mixture of Fatty acid amides

Polyplastol 51 is suitable to solve workability due to EVA compound mixing .

It is also used as dispersing agent in high filled compound with a large amount of filler .

Shoes industries

The EVA compound  has multiple uses in addition to the already known use of the soles starting from the production of photovoltaic solar panels up to toys for children. The expanded EVA concerns sports shoes. In particular it makes the midsole amortized giving

  • Water resistance: thanks to the closed cells this structure prevents water absorption.
  • Anti-vibration: resilience and tensile strength, high toughness, shock good cushioning.
  • Insulation: insulation, thermal insulation and cold temperature performance, can be cold-resistant and exposure.

Often all these ingredients dedicated to technical performances are in contrast with the aesthetic aspect. The expanded closed-cell physical form must be uniform and without dimensional differentiation of the cells.

Polyplastol 51 interacts without modifying the structure and physical mechanical characteristics, but ensuring a complete and reproducible mixing from batch to batch.

In some specific cases Polyplastol 51 can solve problem due to a low quality of pigment dispersion (mainly organic pigments) in special EVA sponge sheets or some fashionable summer slippers.

Polyplastol 51 also gives dimensional stability to the chips that come out of the extruder after cutting and therefore a more compact and homogeneous mixing.

If added to open mill can even give effectiveness improving  the slipperiness of the EVA compound making it more workable and without risk of sticking to the steel cylinders.

Cable industries

Polyplastol 51 is Halogen free additive and low smoke emission, therefore suitable for cables and wires halogens free. It is also easy processing at Low temperature and easy saving. The compound with the addition of Polyplastol 51 can be used in insulating cables, for low pressure cables, line cable for outgoing trains, cable for railway vehicles, underground cables, cables for nuclear stations in dust and occasionally used cables. The cable can be used for a long time at temperatures between -40 and 90 ° C. as it guarantees flexibility having a strong resistance to migration. In addition to the good characteristic of excellent flexibility, it is able easy edging, movement and ease of installation.

Wire peeling can be done manually thanks to the chemistry and structure of Polyplastol 51, even avoiding stripping machine. Polyplastol 51 is silicone free and it can be remove easily .

It  can be added in internal and open mill even at low temperature of mixing.