11/19/2019 Advanced and sustainable processing aid for long shape rubber hoses tyre and cables

Processing aid zinc free and easy and fast mixing: Polyplastol 19

Polyplastol 19 is a zinc free product designed to improve processability and extrusion of many rubber compounds . It is suitable for natural and synthetic polymers.

Polyplastol 19 does not contain Zinc oxide and any type of metal salt.

Thanks to the easy applicability it can be used as  internal processing aid and also in the open mill.

It gives a fast and good incorporation of all ingredients without interfering  with pH of the compounds, keeping all balance during scorch.

In natural rubber compounds  Polyplastol 19 facilitates the mixing and keeps Mooney viscosity stable . Lab studies have shown  that the product can be added in the first part of the mixing and in addition with standard petizers. Polyplastol 19 is not discoloring .

In NBR Polyplastol 19 can give also a better flowability improving the  extrusion rate and therefore increasing the extrusion speed. The final long shape rubber good can show an improvement on the surface of the compounds . 

Even in light clear compounds with a high amount of silica, the product can be added with silanes to obtain a better homogeneous master . Thanks to its capability  to improve mixing , it prevents the formation of air bubbles.

In SBR It has been demonstrated that the product work easily with  both types of SBR , solution and emulsion. In injection molding Polyplastol 19 can help to give a good extraction mainly in combination with Polyplastol 16 that can make a good synergism in flowabilty and extraction,  avoiding all pitfalls occurring after many hours of molding.