7/17/2019 Permanent Antistatic plasticizer for white and light colored compounds

Eviplast 42E-DC

Eviplast 42E-DC is a special plasticizer based on polymeric esters coming from E&V production site DCA in Trecate ( NO) that reduce the surface resistivity of vulcanized rubber goods, in particular for NBR, SBR and Natural rubber based articles loaded with white mineral fillers.

The antistatic quality of a rubber article non  carbon black based and mainly clear colour  depends on:

  • Nature of the polymer
  • Contact area
  • Relative humidity of the environment
  • Surface humidity of the article

The rubber items where this feature is most required are:

  • Conveyor belts and flat belts where a clear non-staining surface is required
  • Flooring out and indoor.
  • Safety shoes
  • Rubber rollers for offset printing machineries
  • Cylinders and rubber aprons for textile and textured machineries.

The detected antistatic nature of some relevant and common polymers is:

Resistivity polymers (Ohm X cm) by using a Mega-ohmeter device

NBR (most antistatic polymer) 1010

EPDM (polymer less antistatic) 1016

The fillers, plasticizers and accelerators also influence the final result.

Eviplast 42E DC has the characteristic to maintain resistivity of 1X106 Ohms in particular in NBR compounds. The product does not crystallize at low temperatures as normally do due to the molecular weight

Eviplast 42 EDC remains permanently liquid at -5 ° C and tart to solidify at about - 10 ° C.