9/16/2019 Monomeric plasticizer Lincol Range

How to improve low and high temperature resistance of rubber manufacture

How to improve high viscosity NBR compound keeping Low and high temperature resistance?

Lincol plasticizers  can offer a suitable range for polymers as:

HNBR-NBR-CR-SBR-NR –BR and even ACM and Vamac

These monomeric plasticizers are low molecular weight , offering good performance as high and low temperature, good fuel resistance, and good behavior after aging.

All Lincol range is produced by Eigenmann & Veroonelli SPA in Trecate plant

Lincol 6

Lincol 6 can be used with any other plasticizer, with a wide range of polymers . Lincol 6 has low volatility at high temperatures, dosage could rise up to 50 phr

Lincol 9

High performance plasticizer for many synthetic rubber included HNBR, ECO, ACM and Vamac, could be used over a wide range of temperatures (-50°C to +130°C), due to his chemical composition has very good heat resistance (low volatility).

Lincol BCF

For hi-strength compounds and for finished goods flexible at low temperature, both extruded and moulded. Could be used with CR and NBR and is compatible also with NR, SBR, EPDM and BR. Compatible with most of other plasticizer.

Automotive sector

Thanks to the Lincol low migration and minimal fogging these Lincol plasticizers can find uses in automotive sector as interior as engine thanks to their high resistance to hydrocarbon fluids.

In interior Lincol is used in the dashboard and board panels. In the engine, in power transmission belts, oil cooler hoses, turbochargers, transmission seals and gaskets.