2/11/2020 How to eliminate odor from vulcanized rubber articles

An odor absorber with a key and locker principle: Tego® Sorb PY 88 TQ

Eigenmann & Veronelli SPA is representing Evonik Nutrition & care GmbH and able to introduce

Tego® Sorb PY 88 TQ. The product is not working with a flavor principle.

Its excellent odor absorbing properties makes Tego® Sorb PY 88 TQ suitable for effective control od odours evolving from products like: Hydrogene sulfide, mercaptane, thiether, amines and ammonia.

Beside the excellent odor absorber effect TEGO® Sorb PY 88 TQ provides good heat stability in the compound process. Compatibility with other chemicals has to be checked for each particular case and application.

For special SBR rubber emulsions or acrylates with malodor an acqueous formulation of TEGO® Sorb PY 88 TQ is available.

Dosage /handling

Dosage depends on the application and specific formulation in use as well as on the required performance . The recommended dosage is 0,5 to 2,0 % of TEGO® Sorb PY88 TQ .

TEGO® Sorb PY 88 TQ can be easily blended during mixing thanks to its melting point of 70°C .