1/13/2020 High effective processing aid with special performances in injection molding

Processing aid low impact , easy and fast mixing: Polyplastol 16 BC

Polyplastol 16 BC  is a specific processing aid which can participate as an aid in mixing in all the phases involved

Polyplastol 16 BC  does not contain Zinc oxide but a different blend respecting environment and complex of formulation

Thanks to melting point can be added in different usage points during mixing.

It is also efficient during blend of CR plus some other polymers. I the first step it can give a better mixing efficiency saving energy.

In the second step with fillers can improve dispersion of powder giving uniformity batch by batch  .

During mixing in open mill Polyplastol 16 BC can be added even  finally with accelerators obtaining a proper compound suitable for injection and compression molding avoiding stickiness and all troubles coming from a not homogeneous dispersion of ingredients. Some lab study showed a good property as release agent in this specific step.

This last effect can be found also in complex molds during extraction of vulcanized items.

In other compounds Polyplastol 16 BC could improve the elimination of air and all bubbles during molding.

The compatibility is good with many types of polymers.

Polyplastol 16 BC does not interfere with vulcanization activation products and does not cause discoloring.

Polyplastol 16 BC can be a valid alternative to Polyplastol 19 in specific compound tailored for Injection molding