2/4/2019 E&V rubber sector introduces a Controllable Structure Active Zinc Oxide

Produced by PCC Pan Continental Chemical CO. Ltd

Produced by PCC Pan Continental Chemical CO. Ltd patented production technology

Let zinc oxide crystallize with structural control.

Better dispersion and distribution in rubber vulcanization.

  • Reducing Zinc level
  • Increasing dispersibility of ZnO
  • Enhancing the formation of zinc free

The particular flake structure reduces the polarity and enhances the dispersibility.

ZnO CS AZO has many active sites for reaction and offers high potency

ZnO CS AZO reduces the surface energy

High activity: improve the rubber physical properties

Easy compounding: shorten rubber compounding time and easy processing

Environmental friendly :manufacturing lower 50% solid waste and waste water

Reducing the released metal zinc form rubber product

Shorten Vulcanization time: shorten Tc90 about 5-10%

A lab test report here reported is showing the deterioration after Crack growth. ZnO CS AZO is showing a significant increase of elasticity that permit to reach a higher level of number of flexing fatigue  as the picture is showing .

The fatigue can be extended to an higher temperature thanks to the high activity and higher dispersion.