3/9/2020 The superior anticaking aid for Hygroscopic powder suitable for all storage of white and black fillers

Benefit of SIPERNAT®D17 Evonik GmbH

Anticaking is crucial in powder processing.

Many powders or granulates in a broad variety of application tend to cake during storage and transport. Customers face problems in handling and dosing these cakes products- even worse- the products fail completely in the final application. Addition of an anticaking aid is common to overcome this challenge. However especially for hygroscopic powder usual anticaking aids are not efficient enough or the required addition level is much too high .

To address this issue Evonik offers a superior solution.

SIPERNAT®D17 –the hydrophobic anticaking aid.

Thanks to its hydrophobic nature SIPERNAT® D17 repels traces of humidity in the powder and prevents caking much efficient than a regular hydrophilic anticaking agent.

SIPERNAT®D17 has a significantly bulk density than other standard flow agents. Therefore it is easier to handle, to dose and to incorporate into bulk materials

SIPERNAT® D17 tends less to self-agglomerate which  makes it easy to disperse.

SIPERNAT® D17 combines structured hydrophobic particles with a high bulk density which provides superior performance compared to natural flow agents .

SIPERNAT® D17 has a low tendency to create white spots even in carbon black. 

Please see the fourth example on the right side of the picture. This example contains 2,5 wt. % of SIPERNAT® D17