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Within the rubber industry the Eigenmann & Veronelli group has a long-standing presence as a supplier of a wide range of materials.

The Rubber Department offers high quality products and an efficient technical assistance to customers that are supported by continuous update and steady renewal of its product portfolio.

Highly qualified staff with the support of technical specialists from the Head Office in Italy is ready to make any kind of high quality technical support for our customers.

The Rubber Department of Eigenmann & Veronelli focuses on several market sectors, including:

- carpets and floorings
- compounds
- driving and conveyor belts
- footwear
- profiles
- rubberized and impregnated fabrics
- technical goods
- tyres
- hoses

The Rubber department offers:

- local warehouses in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
- technical advise in formulation and selection of rubber and additives
- trial lots
- for some products categories, tailor made products

The Rubber department supplies:

- plastisizers
- processing aid
- release agents and anti-adhesion agents
- polychloroprene rubber
- various additives


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